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Tree and shrub

Just as your lawn requires maintenance, so do your trees and shrubs. Trees and shrubs are living organisms that require food to live and thrive, just like your lawn requires. Tee Time Lawn Care has created a comprehensive maintenance program that includes tree and shrub care in addition to scheduled lawn care visits.

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Tree and shrub

Deep root fertilization is perfect for those who want fast growth but also healthy trees for the long term. Deep root fertilization, also called deep root feeding, is a gardening maintenance process made specific for trees by placing a pipe into the ground around the tree then filling it with fertilizer. Using specialized professional equipment, our Tee Time Lawn Care technicians inject liquid fertilizer into the roots of your targeted trees and shrubs.

APPLE SCAB service


Tree and shrub

Apple Scab is very common, and one of the most aesthetically damaging diseases in trees and shrubs. Typically, Apple Scab will not kill the tree but can destroy the thickness and beauty of the leafy foliage. Apple Scab disease will result in defoliation of the tree, and eventually, the tree will become weak. Once your trees are infected, there is little that can cure them. Our technicians at Tee Time Lawn Care are qualified to help prevent the problem, keeping your trees healthy and beautiful all summer long.



Tree and shrub

As young caterpillars, the Zimmerman pine moths will spend the winter in a shallow hole that the caterpillar dug in the bark. When the weather becomes warm in early spring, the Zimmerman pine moth crawls out of its resting place along the bark surface of the pine, bores into the tree, and feeds off the tree for several months. Symptoms of Zimmerman pine moth attack are usually the wilting and browning of new tree growth. Infested terminals wilt and curve downward, and eventually, entire branches or tree tops will turn brown and break off. 



Tree and shrub

Magnolia scale is a type of insect that attacks trees by sucking plant fluids and sap. At first, Magnolia Scale is difficult to notice, but if you flip over the underside of your magnolia branches and see white and grey pods – that an indicator that you have Magnolia Scale. These plant-sucking insects can also excrete a transparent, sticky film called honeydew that you will find on the leaves of the infected tree. Our professionals at Tee Time Lawn Care are qualified to successfully control the magnolia scale.

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Tree and shrub

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