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Lime Treatment


Lime Treatment

Lime includes both calcium and magnesium, which are essential nutrients for healthy plant growth. However, lime treatment is not a substitute for fertilizer.  Adding lime to your lawn will help modify your soil acidity levels. This will help achieve that thicker and greener look you have always dreamed of.  Lime treatments can also help with weed control in your lawn.

When added to the soil, lime increases the soil’s pH levels and makes the soil less acidic. The primary role of lime is to adjust soil pH levels and balance soil acidity, which can improve the availability of plant nutrients.

lime treatment

Tee Time Lawn Care uses quality limestone material which will bring your soil’s acidity to allow your grass to flourish. Schedule a lime treatment or other lawn care services by submitting a quote or contacting Tee Time Lawn Care.

You will know that something is not quite right with your lawn if it still does not look healthy, even if you are:

Watering your lawn frequently through out the season.

Mowing frequently and at the correct height for your grass.

Recycling grass clippings back into the lawn for nutrients.

Fertilizing your lawn as needed to promote healthy growth.