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Dethatching removes the layer of dead leaves, grass, roots, and rhizomes that gathers between the soil surface and grass blades. Over time, thatch forms a thick cover that stops water and airflow from reaching the depth of the soil.

A small amount of thatch is reasonable and beneficial for your lawn. A thin layer of thatch will make the lawn more resilient against wear and tear, but too much thatch can cause problems to your lawn.

Dethatching can be a stressful process for the turf. If the root system have begun growing in the thatch layer, dethatching could end up removing a considerable amount of turf and leave brown patches on your lawn. This service should only be conducted when the grass is actively growing and the soil is moist.

Your Lawn Might Need De-thatching if:
  • The thatch layer is preventing water, fertilizer, and weed and pest control from reaching the soil.
  • The thatch is blocking sunlight from reaching the grass blades.
  • The thatch is holding too much moisture and can lead to turf diseases.
  • The thatch is creating uneven landscaping.
Your Tee Time Lawn Care professional can advise you if your lawn needs dethatching and can suggest the most appropriate time to have this service. Schedule a service or other lawn care service by submitting a quote or contacting Tee Time Lawn Care.