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Core Aeration

Soil can become compacted over any number of reasons. Compacted soil becomes harder for water to get through to the soil, which can stunt grass growth. Core aeration gives the grass access to air, water, and nutrients, allowing deeper and stronger root growth.

After aerating your lawn, leave the soil cores where they fall. The cores produced from aeration will break down naturally and disappear into the lawn, depending on weather conditions. As the cores dissolve, the soil microbes contained will help break down thatch. Once these cores break down, they add beneficial soil and organic matter back to your lawn surface.

Your Lawn Might Need Core Aeration if:

  • Your yard experiences heavy foot traffic. Pets and children running around the yard contribute to soil compaction. 
  • Your yard consistently dries out quickly and has a spongy feel when you walk upon it. This issue might mean that your lawn has a thatch problem, and water is not dispersing into the soil as it should. 
  • There are puddles through-out your lawn. Pools of water are a tattle-tale sign that water is not dispersing into your soil as it should.
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Aeration is recommended at least once a year. The two most popular times to aerate your lawn is spring and fall. Aeration gives the grass an extra boost and helps strengthen root systems. Without aerating, water and nutrients have a difficult time despising throughout your soil. Eventually, your lawn will become weak and susceptible to weeds and disease.

Your Tee Time Lawn Care professional can advise you if your lawn needs aeration and can suggest the most appropriate time to have this service. Schedule a core aeration or other lawn care services by submitting a quote or by contacting Tee Time Lawn Care.

Benefits of Core Aeration To Your Lawn:

Aerated lawns reduce water runoff and increase turf tolerance to heat and drought.

Opens up the soil to air, water, and nutrients, allowing roots to grow and become stronger.

Core aerated lawns are less susceptible to disease, invasive weeds, and thatch buildup.

The plugs left behind by aeration break down and deposit nutrients back into your soil.