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Core Aeration

Too much of anything is never good – the same goes for thatch. If left unaddressed, it can choke your lawn unless you apply core aeration.

Seasoned golf course greens keepers and lawn care specialists know that the secret to a thick, green turf is core aeration. By aerating the lawn once each year, the grass roots grow healthier and the plants thrive.

Core aeration refers to the process of digging thousands of teeny-tiny holes in the turf. These “pockets” allow air, water, oxygen, and fertilizer to penetrate the root zone quicker, leading to enhanced root growth and development.

Do You Have A Thatch Problem?

Compacted soil is known to impede the movement of nutrients, water, and air to the grassroots. Since roots need plenty of oxygen to grow and to absorb water and nutrients, this can obviously become a problem. Also, compacted soil contributes to the accumulation of thatch because reduced oxygen levels hinder the activity of thatch-decomposing organisms including earthworms.

Thatch builds up faster on heavy clay soils and compacted soils than on well-aerated soils. Once the thatch depth becomes more than a ½ inch, it makes the root systems weaker and reduces the water movement. Not to mention thick thatch growth can become a breeding ground for diseases and pests.

The key to addressing a thatch involves careful and prudent execution of core aeration.

Want A Greener, Healthier Lawn? Core Aeration is the Key

Core aeration involves making small soil plugs or removing little soil “cores” out of the lawn. A machine known as the core aerator extracts ½ – ¾ inch diameter soil plugs, and dumps them on the lawn. The holes that are created during this process are 2-6 inches apart and 1-3 inches deep. If you want to control the thatch accumulation, especially if you have heavily-used and compacted turf, core aeration must be performed at least once a year.

Here’s how Tee Time Lawn Care’s core aeration process can help your lawn thrive:

  • It will loosen up the compacted soil and increase the availability of nutrients and water.
  • It will improve your lawn’s drought tolerance and overall health
  • It will enhance the levels of oxygen in the soil, enhance the activity of thatch-decaying organisms (like earthworms), and stimulate root growth.
  • It will lead to the growth of new shoots and roots on your turf, increasing its density.

Why Choose Tee Time Lawn Care For Core Aeration Services 


Our goal is to make superior lawn care services accessible to EVERYONE.  We provide affordable core aerations services; no hidden charges or surprise fees.

High-Quality Service

Our trained and experienced core aeration professionals have worked on thousands of lawns; they know exactly how to best aerate a lawn regardless of its size, soil type, turf type, etc.

Fast Service

Since we are a locally owned and operated company, our lawn experts are readily available, sometimes within 48 hours depending on your location.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Not satisfied with your aeration service? Just call us; we will come back and redo it, free of charge! Your happiness is our ultimate goal. To ensure that your lawn is getting the best care possible, we follow up with you after each service.

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Core aeration yields best results when performed in the fall, but many homeowners enjoy great results from spring aeration too. Regardless of which season it is, it’s never too late (or too soon) to start improving the appearance and health of your lawn. To request a FREE estimate, call our lawn core aeration experts today at 815-609-6969 or simply fill out this contact form

Benefits of Core Aeration To Your Lawn:

Aerated lawns reduce water runoff and increase turf tolerance to heat and drought.

Opens up the soil to air, water, and nutrients, allowing roots to grow and become stronger.

Core aerated lawns are less susceptible to disease, invasive weeds, and thatch buildup.

The plugs left behind by aeration break down and deposit nutrients back into your soil.