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Local Lawn Care

Professional local lawn care and weed control performed by trained lawn care specialists who can help you achieve a thicker, healthier, and greener lawn that is naturally more resistant to weeds, disease, and insects.

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Pest Control

Do not let pests ruin the time you spend with family and friends. Keep your property free of pests with pest control services from Tee Time, including Exterior Pest Control, Mole Control, and Mosquito Control.

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Tree & Shrub

Just as your lawn requires maintenance, so do your trees and shrubs. Tee Time has created a comprehensive maintenance program that includes tree and shrub care in addition to scheduled lawn care visits.

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Are you in need of the most reliable and competent Davenport lawn care services? Tee Time Lawn Care has helped numerous homeowners improve the quality of their turfs and landscapes as a whole. We treat every facet of your lawn with the utmost care and respect because we know that even the tiniest details can make a big difference when it comes to your yard. Our dedicated team of Davenport lawn care professionals will work closely with you throughout the entire process to ensure that you receive the results you’re looking for.

Our Davenport lawn care services include:

  • Weed control (including Crabgrass, Bermuda grass, Dallisgrass, and Nutsedge)
  • Lawn disease control
  • Overseeding
  • Core aeration
  • Soil pH control
  • Pest & mosquito control
  • And much more!

Does Your Davenport Lawn Have Brown Patches?

Finding brown patches on your green yard – that you worked so hard on – can be frustrating to say the least. Unfortunately, Midwest summers are notorious for unleashing lawn diseases that can devastate even the best-maintained yards. There are several different types of lawn diseases that thrive during the months of May through September and can lead to brown patches all over your lawn.

But a lawn disease is not the only thing that can cause brown patches (a.k.a. dead grass) to appear in your garden. The key is to inspect the area as a whole and look for marks/spots on the leaf blade. Here are some common causes of brown patches in a lawn:

Animal Urine

If you have pets who frequently roam around in your lawn, you may notice brown patches from the high nitrogen content in their urine.

Thatch Buildup

If your yard isn’t watered, mowed, or fed properly, thatch buildup can occur. Since thatch prevents the grass from building deep roots, it causes the plants to dry up and die during the summer months.


A chemical spill or gasoline from your lawnmower can instantly kill the grass, leaving behind brown spots.


Excessive heat can also turn a lush yard into a brown and dry one, especially if the temperatures go above 80F.


Many beetles like Japanese beetles and June beetles you see flying around during the hot weather start out as grubs buried in the yard. Not only do these grubs damage your lawn by eating it, but animals like raccoons and skunks that eat grubs can also wreak havoc by scrounging for them.

Prevent Brown Patch and Lawn Disease With Our Davenport Lawn Care Service

Worried about losing the health of your lawn for good as you watch it turn brown? Our Tee Time Lawn Care team goes the extra mile to identify issues and utilize our proprietary, granular-based solutions that are effective at controlling lawn diseases and weed growth.

The team assigned to you will work tirelessly year-round to make sure all of your landscaping needs are met regardless of what time of the year it is. If you have any questions or would like to schedule your inspection today, just speak to us at 563-823-9833 or reach us online now to get started!

Davenport Customer Reviews

“Great company to work with! I used them this past summer and my yard never looked so good! Customer services is exceptional. Everyone I talked to has been nothing but helpful.”

“Tee Time has officially earned my trust in every way possible. I did not expect this service to be this well done, and the company to be so passionate of what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. TRUST me when i say their service is great.”

“I will use this company for all lawn care in the future! Each employee I spoke to and interacted with was professional and very kind, even when I asked a million questions! The work was quality for a great price. Would recommend to anyone.”

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