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Local Lawn Care

Professional local lawn care performed by trained lawn care specialists who can help you achieve a thicker and greener lawn that is naturally more resistant to weeds, disease, and insects.

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Pest Control

Do not let pests ruin the time you spend with family and friends. Keep your property free of pests with pest control services from Tee Time, including Exterior Pest Control, Mole Control, and Mosquito Control.

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Tree & Shrub

Just as your lawn requires maintenance, so do your trees and shrubs. Tee Time has created a comprehensive maintenance program that includes tree and shrub care in addition to scheduled lawn care visits.


What Makes Tee Time Different?

One-Stop Solution For Expert Lawn Care & Pest Control

Tee Time is more than just your local lawn care service provider. We are your one-stop solution to pest control, tree and shrub care, and landscaping. With our professional crew of lawn care specialists, we have the tools and experience needed to get your lawn into top-notch quality and protecting your home and lawn from destructive pests, lawn disease, and weeds.

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What is aeration ?

Aeration gives the grass access to air and water, allowing deeper and stronger root growth. It is essential to aerate during active growth times for optimal results.  

How do I know if I need to aerate my lawn?

Your yard consistently dries out quickly and has a spongy feel when you walk upon it. This issue might mean that your lawn has a thatch problem, and water is not dispersing into the soil as it should. 

How often should I aerate my lawn?

Aeration is recommended at least once a year,Without aerating, water and nutrients have a difficult time despising throughout your soil. Eventually, your lawn will become weak and susceptible to weeds and disease

What time of day should I water my lawn?

The best time to water your lawn after the sun is up but before 10 am.

How often should I mow?

During the growing season, most owners mow their yards once a week on average. In general, it is enough to keep the grass healthy.


what is the different between organic and liquid lawn fertilizer

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