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Lawn overseeding is a great option for lawns that have suffered drought stress, damages caused by insects or turf disease, or that show other signs of thin grass, bare patches, and lack of color. Seeding your lawn with newer types of turfgrass is often the best way to thicken your lawn and improve its appearance and health.

When is the Right Time for Overseeding:

  • Overseeding in the fall can reduce summer weeds, such as crabgrass.
  • Soil temperatures in the fall are ideal for seed germination, while the cooler air temperature is ideal for grass growth.
  • Rain amounts and soil moisture is better in the fall.
  • Fall seeding gives the grass a “head start” for the spring. The roots from the seedlings become established before winter, creating a stronger root system once spring starts.
overseeding service

Your Tee Time Lawn Care expert can help you determine where and when your lawn can benefits from seeding into existing turf to promote overall turf health and development. Schedule an overseeding service or other lawn care services by submitting a quote or contacting Tee Time Lawn Care.


Helps to thicken the lawn and improve its overall health.

Helps to introduce newer turfgrass varieties to resist turf diseases.

Helps to fill in areas of thinning grass and bare patches in your lawn.

Helps improve resistance to weeds and lawn damaging insects.