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Lawn fertilization


Lawn Fertilization

Lawn fertilization is an essential part of lawn care. A well-fertilized lawn is not only healthier and greener, but it is also better at preventing weed infestation, disease, and drought. Healthy lawns produce oxygen, cool the air during hot weather, and absorb dust and pollution.

Tee Time's Slow Release Fertilizer

With your lawn’s nutrition in mind, Tee Time recommends our slow-release, granular fertilizer. Our organic, high-quality fertilizer feeds your lawn gradually, rather than all at once. Our premium lawn fertilizer is made with ingredients that support plant growth, maintain green and healthy-looking grass, assist in root development, and increase resistance to disease and drought. 

Benefits Of Organic Fertilizer:

  • Safe for your family and pets
  • Ensures the vitality of turfgrasses, becoming less susceptible to weeds, diseases, and pests.
  • Effects last longer because the solid is absorbed at a slower rate
  • Decreases the chances of damaging the grass

Tee Time Lawn Care's 7-Step Lawn Care Program


21-0-0 ammonia sulfate fertilizer with micronutrients that are both high in nitrogen and iron to give the lawn a deep green color early in the spring while also promoting extensive root growth. Spot spraying any weeds with Vessel mixed with Liberate to act as a Surfactant/Penetrant.



22-0-0 fertilizer with .10 Dimension pre-emergent for Crabgrass control.  This is a slow release fertilizer to give a greater residual effect for the pre-emergent.  Blanket spray lawn with Vessel for any weeds that have already germinated and mixed with the Surfactant/Penetrant Liberate to ensure the weed control can penetrate the more stubborn weeds.




A second application of high nitrogen Fertilizer (22-0-4) with .10 Dimension for Pre-emergent Crabgrass control.  This second application helps ensure crabgrass and other weeds will be controlled through the entire growing season.  A Second blanket spray of Vessel broadleaf weed control mixed with the Surfactant/Penetrant Liberate to ensure the weed control can penetrate stubborn weeds. 



Low nitrogen (17-0-4) fertilizer with phosphorus and micronutrients to help the lawn use and store much needed energy while maintaining its health through the hot summer months.  Spot spray for weeds with Q4 and Surge to control summer weeds.




Low nitrogen fertilizer mixed with a Urease Inhibitor to ensure the lawn uses it all efficiently.  Added potassium to assist in water retention and promotes healthy root development after the stress from the Summer.  Spot spray with Q4 and Surge to control weeds.




High nitrogen fertilizer (22-0-4) for a greener lawn going into the fall.  Urease Inhibitor as well mixed into the fertilizer for proper nutrient usage.  Added potassium for water retention in roots and stem of the turf as well.  Spot spray with Q4 and Surge for those fall weeds that might pop up.




Quick Release nitrogen fertilizer (33-0-0) to promote healthy root development going into the winter months and proper storage of nutrients in the root system to allow for a nice quick green lawn when the turf comes out of dormancy in the spring.



At Tee Time, we recommend a seven step lawn care program, but we can customize a lawn care plan that will fit your lawns needs. Visit our lawn care program page to view our different plans and their breakdowns.