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Maintain a lush, green lawn with our core aeration, overseeding, and Lime Treatments!

Aerate and overseed your lawn to keep your lawn  looking and growing healthier. By introducing new variety of grass seed, your lawn will become less susceptible to weeds, pests, and lawn disease!

aeration service

Core Aeration

Core aeration gives the grass access to air, water, and nutrients, allowing deeper and stronger root growth.

overseeding service


Overseeding introduces your lawn with newer types of turfgrass and is often the best way to thicken your lawn and improve its appearance and health.

lime treatment

Lime Treatment

Applying lime to your lawn helps ensure your grass gets the nutrients and advantages it needs for lush and healthy growth.

Did You Know That Core Aeration Can Help Your Lawn Fight Against Lawn Disease?

Lawn diseases are often a sign of door drainage. Your soil might be so compacted that rain water is unable to filter down to the grass roots. Instead water pools at the surface, causing fungal infections on your beautiful lawn.

lawn fungus

Lawn fungus is treatable and preventable. Contact us immediately if you see signs of lawn fungus including discoloration, patchy brown grass, powdery blotches, slimy areas, and spots on individual leaf blades. Our professionals at Tee Time are experienced at treating many cases of lawn fungus and are here to help you prevent a fungi outbreak.

Fungus can spread and cause worse damage to your lawn!

Tee Time also offers a 3-Step Preventative Fungus Program that is designed for lawns that have a known fungus issue that recurs yearly. If you are interested in our 3-Step Preventative Fungus Program, contact us for more information.

*Offers end November 14th, 2020. Subject to terms and conditions. This is an advertisement. Prices vary depending on lot size. $25 off for lots under 5,000 sqft. $50 off for lots over 5,000 sqft.