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Top 6 Spring Lawn Care Tips

Top 6 Spring Lawn Care Tips

To create a lush and thriving lawn, you need to start prepping it in the spring. From cleaning to seeding to mowing, proper spring lawn care in Plainfield encompasses a range of tasks. But overlooking these responsibilities now could mean you’ll be spending your summer making up for any oversights. Apply these lawn care tips to your spring to-do list and you’ll have the greenest, thickest carpet of vegetation this summer.

6 Spring Lawn Care Tips To Keep Your Grass Healthy

Yard Cleanup

One of the easiest yet effective spring lawn care tips is clearing away the damage brought on by winter. Take out your pruning shears and rake and look for plants that didn’t survive the cold weather. Dead or damaged branches from bushes and trees must be pruned, and don’t forget to remove the leaves or twigs you find on the grass.

Soil Testing

Right soil is the most important thing you need to grow grass successfully. Most varieties are in pH-balanced conditions, i.e., when the soil is neither alkaline or acidic. 

If your lawn’s soil has high alkaline or acidic content, it can be balanced with the help of experts who specialize in lawn care in Plainfield. They will first test the soil to determine its pH levels and use appropriate measures to balance it.


Lawn clippings and dead grass accumulate and form thatch which prevents the germination of new grass and leads to pest infestations and fungus growth. Spring is the best time for dethatching your lawn by giving it a good once-over, using either a special dethatching rake or a lawn rake with stiff tines. 


In high-traffic areas on the lawn, the soil underneath the grass eventually becomes compacted. This means it becomes inhospitable to grass roots. The process of lawn aeration reverses the damage done by compacted soil. It involves pulling cork-sized plugs (or holes) out of the ground, and giving the grass roots room to spread. It also helps nutrients, air, and water to penetrate the soil more deeply.

Weed Treatment

Weed control and prevention ranks high among spring lawn care tips. Weeds almost always emerge in the summer, and if you don’t take proactive measures in spring, you’ll spend your summer battling them.

Professionals experienced in lawn care in Plainfield can prevent weeds from even sprouting by applying a pre-emergent weed killer. Make sure the law care company you choose uses organic and kid- and pet-friendly herbicides so your family stays safe as well.


See any bare, sparse patches on the ground? If yes, those patches need grass seed – not herbicide. But keep in mind that if you plant any grass in the spring, you’ll need to give it a lot of attention during the summer months. And by attention, we mean regular weeding and watering. You also probably need to seed again in the fall. 

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All the lawn care tips shared above can be DIY-ed if you have a lot of time on your hands and you know what you’re doing. However, if you don’t know how to overseed or how to get rid of weeds, allow Tee Time Lawn Care to care for your lawn.

Our experienced lawn care technicians will perform an inspection of your lawn and let you know what needs to be done to prep it for the summer. We encourage you to have a FREE, no-obligation lawn inspection from our team. Give us a call at 815-609-6969 today or contact us online.

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