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Top 4 Ways to Prevent Mosquitoes

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Summer is here, which means it’s time to unleash your inner water baby during the day and sit out by the glowing embers of a campfire as you enjoy the starry sky and toast marshmallows at night. But what’s that buzzing, high-pitched noise? Oh that’s right, it’s a mosquito that’s having as good a time as you! If it’s a female mosquito, she is out there to get you and suck your blood if you’re not careful.

You have two options here: 

  1.  You can try swatting the mosquitoes away, but it’s not a very effective strategy, is it? 
  2.  You can contact a mosquito prevention Plainfield expert and make your home and backyard resistant to these suckers!

Here’s why option #2 is the way to go! 

Mosquito Prevention Plainfield: How To Stay Protected

Mosquitoes carry many diseases and there’s no “instant cure” or shot to heal from a mosquito bite. Once you get bit, it takes a few days for the bite to stop itching and start healing.

If you are pregnant, and you get bit by a mosquito infected by, say, Zika virus, it can cause severe birth defects as well. So, follow these mosquito elimination Plainfield tips and keep your family safe this season:

Make Sure There Is No Stagnant Water In Or Around Your Home

The #1 mosquito prevention Plainfield tip to follow is removing stagnant or standing water in your home or yard. Check the garbage in the open can, plates under your flowerpots, and toys left out on the lawn to make sure there is water pooling in them.

Improperly drained yards, kiddie pools, and ponds can also become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. It doesn’t matter how big or small the body of water is; something as small as a bottle cap can harbor mosquitoes. If you have a swimming pool, make sure the filter is working and the pool is chlorinated.

Use Mosquito Repellant Plants In Your Yard

Certain plants naturally produce mosquito-repellent chemicals but in most cases, these chemicals aren’t released until the plant is crushed up a little. This means if you fill your lawn with plants like citronella, lavender, and marigold, make sure you rough them up a bit before you host a BBQ there. 

Keep Your Feet Covered

Skeeters thrive in bacteria and sweat which is why your toes are highly vulnerable to them. Studies also show that mosquitoes that spread Zika prefer to bite on the lower region of the body. Consider wearing high socks or high-top sneakers and use a bug repellant whenever you’re out.

Hire A Mosquito Elimination Plainfield Expert To Check Hidden Spots

A professional can check out areas such as gutters which can become a prime breeding spot since they collect water. While you are at it, inspect your window screens as well; if any of them are broken or ripped, have them replaced.

Contact A Mosquito Prevention Plainfield Expert

These tips will help you get rid of mosquitoes to a certain degree but if you have a severe pest or bug problem, only professional pest control methods will work. Contact Tee Time Lawn Care experts to say goodbye to mosquitoes, bugs, pests, and insects once and for all. To schedule a FREE inspection, call us at 815-609-6969 or simply reach us online.

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