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Naturally Repel Bugs With These 8 Plants

Naturally Repel Bugs With These 8 Plants

Are you tired of spraying yourself and your surroundings with bug repellent to keep those pests off of you? Well, if you consider yourself someone who has a “green thumb”, you can use plants to fight off bugs.

How To Use Plants For Bug Repellent?

There are a few plants that not only act as a natural bug repellent but can also add color to your backyard and even your living room. Researchers have identified a number of plants that can work as naturally effective topical repellents. Many plants contain essential oils that are recognized for their unique pest-repellent properties.

Here’s a list of the most effective bug repellent plants that will make your lawn a safe and bug-free space this season.


Looking for guaranteed bug repellent plants? Chrysanthemums will keep the roaches, Japanese beetles, ants, silverfish, spider mites, bed bugs, lice, and ticks far away from you and your backyard. In fact, some bug repellent and dog shampoo manufacturers use pyrethrum found in these flowers to create their products.


Marigolds are known to repel mosquitoes, plant lice, and even rabbits! Not to mention these bright yellow flowers can make your yard look beautiful and summer-ready. Consider planting marigolds in flower beds in your vegetable garden or near your back or front doors and your mosquito (and rabbit) problems will be solved.


If you’re looking for low-maintenance plants for bug repellent, basil is a great option. This herb is as good at repelling house flies and mosquitoes as well as a great taste enhancer for your favorite pizzas and salads.


Our experts at Tee Time Lawn care absolutely love planting mint because a) it is very effective in repelling mosquitoes, ants, and spiders, and b) it can make any recipe taste super delicious!

Citronella Grass

Citronella grass is one of the most popular bug repellent plants in the world. You can hang it near your doors or simply plant it in your yard to keep the bugs at bay. Also, citronella plants are far more effective at repelling insects than a citronella candle!


Garlic can do more than season your food, it can also deter codling moths, carrot root flies, root maggots, and Japanese beetles. If you have rose bushes in your yard, plant the garlic near them to repel aphids that love munching on roses.

Bay Leaves

Does your kitchen seem to be sheltering roaches and/or flies? Bay leaves can help get rid of both.


You’d never think that a smell that’s loved by almost everyone is something that mosquitoes and gnats truly hate. Plant lavender near your doors and windows and you’ll keep the bugs away while also making your home smell good year-round.

Keep Your Lawn Protected

These plants for bug repellent should help you and your family enjoying your yard with fewer insects and bugs this year. However, bugs can be persistent sometimes. If these plants fail to help, let our specialists at Tee Time Lawn Care know.

 We are experienced in making yards resistant to all kinds of bugs, pests, insects, and even small animals. You can set up a FREE lawn inspection with us by calling at 815-609-6969 or simply send us a message online.

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