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How To Keep Holiday Decorations From Damaging Your Lawn

how to keep holiday decorations from damaging your lawn tee time lawn care

‘Tis the holiday season to bring out the outdoor Christmas decoration! Christmas decorations can be an excellent addition to your lawn and make the exterior of your home look festive. There are ways that you can go above and beyond with your decorations without doing severe damage to your grass, trees, and shrubbery. Here are the best holiday lawn decorations without damaging your lawn and a few tips you can follow to ensure your lawn stays healthy while filled with Christmas decorations.

How To Keep Holiday Decorations From Damaging Your Lawn

Focus On All Parts Of Your Exterior, Not Just Your Lawn

Start by decorating your home’s exterior instead of placing your main holiday decorations in the middle of your lawn. Your front door and porch can make a beautiful focal point for your display. Mini Christmas trees, wreaths, and poinsettias can make your front porch “pop” with holiday delight. You can also hang lights and ornaments on your trees to brighten your lawn.

Tee Time Tip: When deciding what kinds of holiday decorations to use, consider adding green decorations from your landscape. While pruning your holly trees, boxwoods, or evergreens, save a few clippings for a holiday recycled wreath. 

Do Not Leave Heavy Decorations Out For Long Periods Of Time

If your decorations are hefty, do not leave them on display for longer than a few weeks. If you do, you could find yourself with lawn damage. Instead of hefty decorations, try to stick with inflatables. Inflatables are not too heavy and can be left up longer. If you prefer to have these heavy decorations, try to move them around your lawn to minimize your yard damage.

Put Your Lights and Outdoor Displays On a Timer

I know what you are thinking: how will having a timer keep my lawn from being damaged? Well, having your display on a timer prevents you from needing to walk across your yard to turn everything on/off. The extra foot traffic can cause harm to your lawn, especially if you are walking back and forth on the same path.

Make Sure Your Strings Of Lights Are Not Damaged

As you are stringing your beautiful display of lights, make sure that no lights are frayed or shorted out. Only use strings of light that are working and have strong cords. You do not want to risk an electrical fire on your lawn. Consider using laser light projectors instead because they are easier to set up and less of a fire hazard. 

Holiday Decorations Damaged Your Lawn? Tee Time Lawn Care Can Help!

It is fun to decorate for the holiday season, but you do not want brown spots or bare patches when the holidays end. Make sure to be clearing your lawn regularly, keeping it free of debris and fallen branches, and walking on the property to a minimum.

Sometimes lawn damage can happen regardless and you will need to call in a professional lawn expert for help. Tee Time Lawn Care is your team of lawn care professionals who can help you get your yard back in shape. Contact us today or fill out our form to schedule your service.

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