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3 Useful Tips To Prepare Your Lawn For Thanksgiving

3 Tips To Prepare Your Lawn For Thanksgiving Tee Time Lawn Care

To give your yard a jump start for next spring, make sure you prepare properly for c-c-c-colder temperatures. Get into the holiday spirit with these 3 tips to prepare your lawn for Thanksgiving!

3 Useful Tips To Prepare Your Lawn For Thanksgiving

1. Clean Up Your Lawn

  • Remove Dead or Dying Foliage: Fall is usually the time of year where plants are dormant and are not ready to grow, making this the perfect time to clear out your garden and remove any dead annual plants. Be sure to clean up any leaves and debris along the sides of your house or underneath your deck. 
  • Rake Leaves: Continue to rake the leaves off your lawn until the branches are completely bare. Having a clear lawn will ensure that it receives enough air and sunlight to stay healthy and avoid lawn diseases.

2. Last-Minute Winter Preparations

  • Fertilize Your Lawn: Apply a nitrogen-only product to provide your grass with much-needed nutrients to survive the winter. Tee Time offers late-fall (and year-round) fertilizing as part of our lawn care program.
  • Add Mulch: Lay down some mulch in your garden beds and around trees. The mulch acts as a protective layer to insulate your plant roots against the cold weather.
  • Mow and Water Your Lawn: Continue to mow and water the lawn until the grass stops growing. Short grass is less prone to disease in the winter. A week of consistent temperatures below 40 degrees will close the door on the lawnmower for the season. 

3. Decorate Your Property With Thanksgiving Inspired Decor

  • Reuse Your Fall and Halloween Decoration: Feel free to put away the skeletons and spooky inflatables, but fall decorations like corn stalks, hay bales, and uncarved pumpkins are beautiful décor items to put around your property to give your home that Thanksgiving look. 
  • Simple Works: Don’t feel like you need to go “over the top” with your Thanksgiving look. Sometimes adding mums on your porch, a color wreath, or even a scarecrow can transform your lawn for the holidays.

Prepare Your Lawn For Thanksgiving

If you need assistance with preparing your lawn for Thanksgiving, Tee Time Lawn Care offers the services you need. We will undertake yard clean up and assist with winter preparations if you are not sure how or do not have the time to complete them yourself. Call our office or click here to get a free quote.

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